Grand Hyatt Ocean Soul Art Exhibit 7.22.6-10pm

Ocean Soul Art Care Instructions


 Welcome to your new Ocean Soul Series Art Piece

Here are some tips on how to install and care for your piece:

    • Put gloves on when you are handling the piece, to avoid finger prints.
    • Try to hang the art in an area that doesn’t have too much direct sun rays, as it will be hard to appreciate the beauty with all of the reflections.
    • Hang the art with a drill, screws, and anchor. Drill a pilot-hole, tap the plastic anchor into it, then screw a screw into that, leaving it to protrude so that you can hang the art flush to the wall. Depending on the size, 1-5 screws (depending on size) at eye level, which is 5-6 feet height from the floor depending on how tall your family is.
    • Clean the art with paper towel and Windex or vinegar (organic option)  then dry it with another paper towel.
    • When shipping the art to another location, please use foam roll only, bubble wrap can potentially destroy the piece.