Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen ~ Ocean Soul Art Exhibit November 29


My name is Rebecca Brianceau and I'm an artist exploring nature, a soul adventurer, and a visual storyteller that craves music and culture.


Rebecca Brianceau is an autodidact artist and mindfulness art teacher from Toronto, Canada. From her time living in Dubai, UAE, London, England, Zurich, Switzerland all the way to São Paulo, Brazil, she combines her previous 20+ years of international life and work experience in the music industry into her unique artistic expression. During that time, Rebecca worked alongside some badass multi-platinum selling and indie recording artists, producers, video directors, DJs, and fashion designers. Being surrounded by so much talent, she was always painting her experiences and eventually decided to apply her visual and business learning to her own art career. She took a leap of faith in 2011 by leaving her successful career in the music world to launch her art career when returning home to Toronto. Since then, Rebecca took a trip to Brazil where she set up an art studio and spent time going to beaches with marine biologist friends to work, they inspired her so much that it resulted in the story behind her wildly successful “Ocean Soul Series.” The series has been exhibited all over Southern Ontario galleries and major Canadian art fairs such as "The Artist Project, One of A Kind Show", and taught an Ocean Soul beginners lesson on ArtResin TV with over 280k +Views!. Now Rebecca brings her unique and diverse experiences as an art teacher to help others awaken their inner artist and is creating, exhibiting, and teaching mindfulness art, internationally.

Her love and passion for the arts, nature, spirituality, culture, and travel bring you a new and fresh way to see art and the world.

About Ocean Soul Series:

Ocean Soul Series discusses fantasy vs. reality as these beautiful ocean paintings are sadly a fantasy vs. what is really happening in our water today. The Series is inspired by a journey she took to Brazil where she joined local marine biologists on work trips along the coast of São Paulo. They put her to work for a couple of days, during which time they picked up garbage samples from the shoreline to the vegetation. It was outrageous the amount of garbage they pulled in from a small radius and was enough for me to see how damaging human behaviour has been to the ocean, sea animals and beaches. They picked up shampoo bottles from Poland, Coca-Cola bottles from China and water bottles from around the world that had all washed up on the once pristine shores of Brazil. After realizing that the biologists communicate their information in lengthy reports, she felt she could contribute by communicating the information by telling this dark story through beautiful, scenic ocean pieces. 

She hope her work spreads the message of loving and preserving our water from oceans to cenotes with small steps and changes within our daily behaviour.

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