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AVEC AMOUR de TULUM (Made in Mexico)

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Resin and acrylic on wood panel.
30" round
Avec Amour, de Tulum" is inspired by my dad's hitchhiking👍🏼 stories in the 70's that eventually led him to Tulum, Quintana Roo on a quest to experience the Maya civilization. I have always admired his decision to leave his home country of France 🇫🇷 and set out on a soul adventure hitchhiking (how brave is he?) across Canada, the States, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. 

Now that I am here, in his footsteps, wondering what life in Tulum and Quintana Roo was like for him? I am sure it was simple, and charming , exploring all of the towns and remaining temples. He even mentioned that in those days, you could climb the ruins. Also, what was traveling like back then? No 24 hour check-in, baggage check, being able to smoke in airports, planes, life without the digital era (no mapquest, smartphones), and what was life like sans Whatsapp? I mean even hitchhiking across the Americas with just a tent, paper map, and a camera wouldn't be so easy in our times! Although, I lived part of my life without the digital world (I am grateful for that), he had it 100% off the grid! Which is so badass and liberating.

Back then, writing was the easiest option to communicate, so I imagined one of his postcards sent back to his family in France would have signed off "with Love, From Tulum"/ "Avec Amour, de Tulum."
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